Thailand Information

Thailand — ‘the land of the free’,, is a constitutional monarchy. The predominant religion is Buddhism, mixed with Brahmanism and animism. Although the Thai are proud of their religion, and most young men spend some time in the Buddhist priesthood, many are Buddhist only by name.

For many, Buddhism is a matter of custom and tradition which they practise in order to earn a good reincarnation, but in everyday life they are more likely to turn to superstition, astrology and the spirit world. Buddhists make up 92 per cent of the population and a further four per cent are Muslims. About 0.6 per cent are evangelical Christians. The number of Protestants in Thailand (now about 450,000) has doubled 5 times since 1950, so we have witnessed real growth."

  1. To bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the remaining unevangelized peoples with the utmost urgency.
  2. To plant churches with empowered leadership.
  3. To inspire, mobilize and train for mission.

"To see vibrant churches established in every sub-district within the five provinces where we work, and to see churches in Thailand mobilized for mission".