Vision Goals

What we are believing for:

“to see vibrant churches established in every sub-district within the five provinces and to see churches in Thailand mobilized for mission."

June 2014 statistics






Number of sub-districts
WITH a church











Number of sub-districts
still WITHOUT a church











A “vibrant church is established” when:

·The Church

  • Is salt and light, positively impacting and influencing its community. People in the community know where to find help in trouble.
  • Is outward-looking – sending out and multiplying. It is reaching out into every part of the tambol. Unsaved people are regularly coming to Christ.
  • Demonstrates the Body of Christ functioning, different parts working together. It represents unity in diversity.
  • Sees regular evidence of God’s power at work through miracles, encountering God’s presence, and God speaking to people with Scriptures and promises.
  • Is self-governing and well administered.
  • Is financially self-supporting and generous.

·Church leaders

  • Demonstrate a life in love with Jesus and a clear calling which makes them godly, servant-hearted, passionate and persevering.
  • Make other leaders and disciples. They Influence others with Kingdom vision, helping others to find their role in God's plan.
  • Have an ability to lead, shepherd and protect the flock.

·Church members

  • Honour and worship their Heavenly Father. Walk with God, lead fruitful lives serving Him, and are committed to prayer.
  • Have a healthy Biblical foundation, know how to find answers in the Bible and can apply Biblical principles.
  • Love and care for each other, developing trust and respect. They are honest, people of integrity, open to confess to each other and willing to forgive.
  • Are interested in others outside the church.


A “church is mobilized for mission” when:

·The Church

  • Has mission at its core, with an awareness of needs beyond the local church and has an identification of its place in the worldwide church.
  • Engages in reaching its own community, sub-district and district. It is glad to engage with places further away.
  • Is free of fear about its own existence, prepared to sacrifice, generously giving up its best resources (people, time, money) to invest elsewhere.
  • Has established systems of finance and support specifically for mission.

·Church leaders

  • Develop a Biblical theology of mission, have clear intentions to reach out and are able to communicate a vision and concern for the challenge of world mission.
  • Promote regular prayer for the world.
  • Help people to find their role in God's mission plan. They invest in, empower, release and support emerging leaders.
  • Network and build relationships with mission organisations and other mission-minded churches.

·Church members

  • Have a sense of a debt of love and know the heart of God.
  • Pray for the needs of the world, and have opportunities to develop a concern for the lost.
  • Participate in accomplishing the Great Commission, able to clearly present the Gospel in various situations.

  1. To bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the remaining unevangelized peoples with the utmost urgency.
  2. To plant churches with empowered leadership.
  3. To inspire, mobilize and train for mission.

"To see vibrant churches established in every sub-district within the five provinces where we work, and to see churches in Thailand mobilized for mission".