Our Work


  1. To bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the remaining unevangelized peoples with the utmost urgency.
  2. To plant churches with empowered leadership.
  3. To inspire, mobilize and train for mission.


“To see vibrant churches established in every sub-district within the five provinces where we work, and to see churches in Thailand mobilized for mission”.

1. Prayer

We are convinced that prayer is a priority.  We need to model, teach and encourage our leaders in ways which will result in more sustained intercession on the part of every believer.


True worship is the celebration and adoration of God’s character and activities. We desire to see local believers whose lives are lived in a constant attitude of worship.


We value working in teams of people with complementary skills and gifts who are committed to a common purpose, strategy and goals for which we are jointly responsible.

We are committed to one other, hold each other accountable for our lives and ministries, and work interdependently to accomplish the vision.


We have a passion for reaching the lost with the love and truth of Christ. We promote evangelism as one of the highest values of the church.

We will be culturally relevant; train and equip all believers in evangelism; liberate all believers to discover their own evangelistic style; model evangelism and impart a passion for the lost.


We are seeking to produce people who will be, and will reproduce people who are spiritually mature, who submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every thought, word and deed.

Discipleship is not a study programme but a lifelong commitment to a transformed life in which Jesus Christ becomes more and more visible and glorified.

6.Church Planting

We will plant churches whose focus is a balance of outreach, worship, fellowship, discipleship and service.

We desire to infuse vision, teaching and a ministry philosophy that will encourage churches to mobilize the whole body of believers.

We want to plant contextualized churches which are able to grow and multiply within their own culture.

7.Worldwide mission

We will assist churches to become passionately involved in world mission, seeking to mobilize the Thai church.

8.Leadership Training

We are committed to leadership development and continual recruitment of potential new leaders who will be trained and mobilized to provide leadership for local church ministry.

We want to empower leadership to function in the body in such a way as to equip others for service.

9.Taking on new roles

We need to assess our own readiness as missionaries to assume new roles and to be prepared to pursue a new kind of partnership with the local churches.

10.Phase Out

We will annually assess the missionary role to keep ourselves accountable to the phase out process and transfer to local leadership.