Upon arrival at WEC Thailand, you will spend up to a year in full-time Thai language study and cultural and ministry orientation. During this time you will be involved in ministry on a limited basis. Upon successful completion of the first year language study you will be placed into a long-term ministry team for further hands-on training and experience. You will continue part-time language study for a further 2-3 years alongside part-time ministry.


Contact a WEC Branch in your area for details of their candidate orientation course. Following successful completion of candidate orientation, the Branch office will release new workers to their respective fields of service. (Contact a WEC Branch near you.)

Personnel needs

After a slow start, the recent growth of the church has been encouraging. However, over 99 per cent of people in Sukhothai, Kamphaengphet and Tak are still without Jesus Christ. Numerous major centres of population in these provinces have no church and in over 2,500 villages not one person has experienced the liberating power of the gospel. The WEC team faces an enormous task. At a ratio of one active worker for every 60,000 people, the challenge is overwhelming.

Over the next few years we plan to advance into new target areas, both in the three provinces and in greater Bangkok. In Bangkok our urban church-planting thrust offers many ministry opportunities including evangelism through teaching English.There is a constant need for evangelism, church nurture, leadership training, Bible teaching, and youth ministry, as well as supportive ministries to Thai and Karen leaders.

To accomplish this, we need at least 25 new workers. The ministry opportunities are challenging and the door to Thailand is wide open.  

Long term

  • We urgently need those who will give themselves for church planting in unreached rural areas.
  • Missionaries to strengthen existing Thai and Karen ministries.

Other Opportunities     

For the effectiveness of our overall strategy, we also need:

  • Accountant or bookkeeper for field finances.
  • Administrative assistant to the Field Leader.
  • Thai language supervisor (Thai fluency required).

Short term

  • Short term workers to assist in home schooling, children’s programs, prayer and worship outreaches, etc.
  • Other specific needs.

Thank you for partnering with us in God’s service.