Jesus Said

“I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not prove stronger than it”. Please stand together with us in prayer, that in His faithfulness, God would fulfil His purposes according to His promise.

On this page there are a few recent stories of individuals we have been praying for.

Bua Pha

Bua Pha is your typical country side labourer. She has come to know Jesus and is one of the believers in our small church. Recently during the annual churches together camp, she woke up the very first morning declaring: “I saw Jesus.”

Ms Jeet

Ms. Jeet, a 60 year old believer, was recently visiting Ms. Rat, another believer, at her soft drink shop in the market. As they talked about the Lord, Rat was able to sell 100 baht worth of drinks in a very short time. Jeet asked Rat to pray for her, that she would like to get 100 baht that day too. As Jeet was pedalling her bike the short distance back to her home, a young man on a motorcycle parked in front of her, forcing her to stop (in the middle of the super highway). He got off his motorcycle and walked over to Jeet, saying, “I just felt like I should give 100 baht to the first person I saw, and you were here.” Astonished, Jeet took the money, and when she got home, discovered the neighbour had given her fish curry, and another believer family came by to give hot sour curry. We rejoiced to hear her excited testimony in the next prayer meeting.

Jeet often experiences miracles of provision. At a recent weekly market, Jeet bought a second hand purse for 35 Baht. In it she discovered several red envelopes containing a total of 500 baht!


One of the families we had evangelized repeatedly have a son, now about 10 years old, named Oat. Oat had previously come to our Kid’s Club for several years. He had frequently displayed emotional disturbance, but at other times was very well behaved. His behaviour, we discovered, followed a pattern of when he would have been taken to the temple to be part of religious ceremonies. If prayed for in the name of Jesus, he would calm down. His mother had at one time been very open to the Lord, but following a road accident near their home, a local monk had visited her and warned that she needed to give a special offering and perform a ceremony at the temple for her son, otherwise misfortune would befall him. After she did this, her hunger for the Lord vanished.

This past year, Oat’s grandmother, mother, and father were all imprisoned for selling amphetamines, leaving Oat under the care of his grandfather, who works as a night watchman and sleeps during the day. This leaves Oat to fend for himself. Oat is having tremendous difficulty at school, he has been convinced through the words of others that he is stupid (despite our own observations that he’s as bright as anyone else). After having missed school for a few days, when he got on the school bus one morning, the teacher on the bus scolded him sharply for missing school. He now avoids the school bus to escape these harsh words.

Please pray for Oat, and many children like him, who are forced to grow up without affirming words or even basic care from loving parents, distorting their personalities and leaving them empty and hopeless.

Pa Beo

Pa Beo is on her 50 but she looks around 60 due to pain in her body for a long time. Recently she has been intubated and breathes through a hole in her neck with a tank of oxygen. She loves to have a visitors in her house. One day one of our church members led us to her house. She opened and gave her heart to Jesus that day.

She was happy to know about Jesus and her mother Khun Yai is 91 years old also happy to hear the gospel every Wednesday. We regularly visit her and spend time in worship together but in our hearts, we have the hope that she will know Jesus better and that her faith will grow.

Several weeks ago Pa Beo was so excited and tried to contact us to share the big joy of what she had experienced. She had seen Jesus in her house, surrounded with bright light, and all her fear of death disappeared. She clearly understood that she was saved and that heaven is a wonderful place that she wants go to.

It was a wonderful news and brought encouragement to our other believers too. It was a short vision but it was so strong and clear. During that event, her younger sister who lives in Sweden was visiting her for a short while. When she heard the news, she also opened her heart to Jesus before she went back to Sweden.